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Taw Echo

Player Stats

Species:Fruit Bat (Pteropus Alecto)
Weight:80 lbs
Orientation:Mostly Gay
Personality:Flirty, frisky, fruity~
Likes:Video games, web design, fruit, puns
Dislikes: Apples (I'm allergic!)
Favourite Quote:"10% fruit, 20% things, 15% concentrated flapping of wings, 5% silly, 50% rat and 100% reason to be called a fruit bat"
Favourite Colour:Red
Favourite Food: Strawberries!
Kinks:Wouldn't you like to know~ :3c


Starting from the top, he had some thick, charcoal coloured hair surrounding his perky, large ears. Most of the time one fang would peek out the side of his mouth, particularly noticeable whenever he smiled. His fur was a mix of black and grey, though when he blushed the insides of his ears would end up a tad pink, in addition to his cheeks. Moving down past his red collar, he had a bit of fluff along his neck and chest, charcoal like the hair on his head, contrasting the grey of his belly. His wings were small, tiny ones located on his shoulder blades, more so for the appearance than functionality. He definitely couldn't fly with how small they were!

Often he was naked except for the red collar he always wore around his neck, and occasionally a small pair of glasses perched on his snout.

If you managed to strip him down and got a nice view of his goods you'd see a plump sheath surrounded by fluffy fur. It was a fairly decent size, and when aroused he'd sport an almost average-sized cock, pink in colour. His shaft was canine-shaped closer to the tip, though as it got closer to the base it widened as a sort of pear shape, sort of like a knot, but not quite. Below that spire of flesh was a nice, hefty set of balls to play with and tease. If you ordered him to turn around and bend over, underneath that short and fluffy raised tail you'd be able to catch a glimpse of that taut pink pucker nestled between those pert buns.



Out of Character

1. I'm fairly quiet and sometimes get super busy. If you get upset that I don't reply fast or forget to reply, we probably won't get along!

2. I don't really do random RP with strangers. Randomly hugging/cuddling me and I don't know you will just be kiiiinda awkward more than anything. Sorry~!

3. Not looking for a relationship - please don't get to know me hoping I'll want to date you, especially if you just like my character. It's weird and really off-putting!

4. I appreciate people who like my character and the artworks I've commissioned, but please don't approach me with some sort of weird lewd comment out of the blue if we've never spoken. It comes off a bit strange and almost sexual harassment-y in a sense.

5. Yes, I'm actually allergic to apples. It's a dumb allergy and ironic, I know.

Where to reach me

Telegram: @dotbat

Discord: .bat#0001

Furaffinity: iErrored

Weasyl: Taw

Steam: .bat

Twitter: TheDotbat

Fediverse: @bat

I'm gay~

*delighted bat noises*